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The 25th Hong Kong International Tourism Exposition
Date£º2011-11-26   Browse£º2619

    From June 9 to June 12, the 25th Hong Kong International Tourism Exposition  and the 6th Commerce & Conference Tourism Exhibition were held at the Hong Kong Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition Centre. In this exhibition, 600 exhibitors from 54 countries and regions of Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas and the Middle East gathered here.

    At this distinguished meeting of the industry, the hotel sent a four-people team led by marketing supervisor Liu Ying to participate in the exhibition. In the progress ofthe participation, the team carried forward our hotel people¡¯s idea of ¡°customer first, service first¡±, and showed our hotel brand and various services to the participating exhibitors and all walks of business travelers, achieving good responses.

    In this exhibition, the hotel contacted and negotiated with hundreds of businesses and the media, in order to share a large amount of industry dynamic state and the latest industry information.

   At the same time, the participating team was also interviewed by Mr. Yang Rongsen, the director of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan Division of China Tourism Administration Bureau and the chief of Guangdong Provincial Tourism Bureau, and Ms Cui Shuang, the chief of Huizhou Municipal Tourism Bureau, and took photos with them.

    Through this exhibition, we kept pace with the updated information and the industry trend, and enhanced the communication with our peers. With the platform of Hong Kong International Tourism Exposition, we not only publicized our hotel brand but also greatly improved our hotel reputation in this industry, which took a very important step for our hotel to expand the business and leisure tourist market.

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