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The Hotel Fire Drills
Date£º2011-12-9   Browse£º2277

In order to ensure the summer fire control, on June 29, at 15:00, the Gophoe Hotel held an all-round fire drill. More than 300 employees took part in this drill. The drill used an imitation of a regional fire in some part of the hotel and the alarm whistle, and all the hotel staff put on the fire-fighting suit to participate in extinguishing the fire. The hotel staff of various departments quickly evacuated from the safe passage down the stairs and then ran to the security location at the back of the hotel to assemble. At the same time, the medical staff made a diagnosis and gave treatment to the injured employees. The entire drill achieved the features of quick    

    responsive, clear division of work and proper handling measures. Finally, the Security Department explained and demonstrated how to use the fire-fighting equipments in such fire drills.


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