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Highlights of Children¡¯s Day Activities
Date£º2011-11-26   Browse£º2252

    ¡°June 1¡± is a festival belongs to children. The Gophoe Hotel held the Children¡¯s Day parent-child activities in its Limbu Lancey Western Food Restaurant with the theme of ¡°experiencing the joy, unlimited wonder¡±. At that night, the Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck came around to the lovely kids, playing interactive games, taking photos with the kids. The whole western food restaurant was fully decorated by colorful balloons, which was reflected by the smiling faces of the innocent children. Extremely rich food was put onto children¡¯s dining tables, and the tableware was filled with children¡¯s favorite snacks and ice cream... Then how to help those kids to spend a happy and meaningful Children¡¯s Day? At that night, the western food restaurant of the Hotel elaborately arranged the program for kids, and held a number of colorful activities, such as live lucky draw, ¡°Shooting King¡± contest, ¡°Parent-child holding the ball¡± game, etc. The whole event was enjoyed and welcomed by the children and their parents... the restaurant was full of joy and laughter

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  • Highlights of Children¡¯s Day Activities

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