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Grand Wedding Feast in Gophoe Hotel
Date£º2011-11-26   Browse£º2332

    On the evening of January 30, Chairman Mr Qiu held a large wedding feast for his child in the Chinese Restaurant of the hotel, setting up two hundred banquet tables. The number of friends and relatives attended the feast that night reached more than two thousand people, which made this feast the first one which had held such a large-scale wedding feast over 200 tables since the hotel was started.

    ¡°Hold your hand, grow old with you¡±. At about 7 pm, accompanied by the sacred wedding march, the young couple dressed in white wedding dress and the new suit entered into the main wedding hall full of flowers hand in hand with warm and sincere blessings from relatives and friends. Then, under the guidance of the toast-master, the new couple jointly lit the love candle, poured wine into the champagne tower...

    As master of the ceremony, the Chairman Mr. Qiu thanked all the friends and relatives who were present in the wedding, and expressed his warmest congratulations and best wishes to the new couple. He wished the new couple to be good partners both in their daily life and their career, creating together a happy life in the future.

    At the end of the ceremony, the new couple drank the wine together, and over two thousand friends and relatives witnessed and shared their happiness and joy.

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