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The Foundation Ceremony of Huidong & Wenzhou Entrepreneurs Association [2011-12-19]
Highlights of 2010 Spring Festival Get-together Party [2011-11-26]
The Mobilization Conference of Contending Five-star Hotel and Energy Saving [2011-11-26]
Municipal Party Committee Leaders Inspecting Our Hotel [2011-11-26]
The 25th Hong Kong International Tourism Exposition [2011-11-26]
The Hotel Fire Drills [2011-12-09]
Highlights of Movie star Miss Fan Bingbing, who stayed at Gophoe Hotel in Huizhou (April 21-April 22) [2011-11-30]
Double-win Cooperation with Hong Kong [2011-11-26]
Highlights of Children’s Day Activities [2011-11-26]
Grand Wedding Feast in Gophoe Hotel [2011-11-26]
“Love in Yushu, Great Love Is Boundless”—Huizhou Gophoe Hotel Donation Ceremony Scene [2011-11-26]
2010 Gophoe Hotel Staff Sports Meeting [2011-11-26]
The Foundation Conference of Hotel Management Construction Guiding Committee and the First Meeting [2011-11-26]
Activity Report of Huidong Tourist Routes [2011-11-26]
Venice Tourist Christmas Carnival Evening Party [2011-11-26]
Initial evaluation and inspection of the Gophoe Hotel’s application for 5-star Hotel by provincial star-rating group [2011-11-26]
“Huizhou Tourism” Magazine Annual Sum-up [2011-11-26]
2011 Employees Spring Festival Party (Highlights) [2011-11-26]
Passionate Gophoe, Unlimited Sports [2011-11-26]
The activities of Gophoe Hotel’s we [2011-11-26]
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